What should be done with email?  I assume we all receive email.  Some receive more and others less.  Some messages we delete while others we think about sending on to others.  Rather than FORWARD on so many messages (that some or maybe many of you have already seen) I have decided to just put many of them here on this website.  Now you have the choice to come here and read them if you so desire.

$10,000 reward for proof that the earth orbits the sun

3 old men with long white beards

8th Grade Final Exam

9 funny signs

10 statements to consider

25 Facts About the Federal Reserve

A Beautiful Poem About Growing Older

A Doctor’s Wisdom

A Little Biblical Humor

A Little Gun History

A Minute

A man and his wife walked into a dentist’s office

A wife asks her husband


Abbott and Costello

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Affordable pool for retirees

Air Force Sayings

Albert Einstein and the Professor

Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

Americans With No Abilities

An elderly man was stopped by the police

An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun

An Obituary printed in the London Times

An Old Farmer’s Advice

Animal Friendships

Ant and grasshopper

Beautiful Photos of the Animal Kingdom

Bernadette’s body after 122 years

Bosses of the publishing firm are wondering

Burned Biscuits

Burning hut

Cannibal entered the meat market

Cemetery epitaphs

Cheerful View


Colored Folks

Coming soon

Comments made in the year 1955

Cool Old Pictures


Cowboy’s Guide to Life


Dead Mule

Did I read that right

Did you ever wonder why dogs bite people

Did you hear that UPS and FedEx were supposed to merge

Doctors vs. Gun Owners


English is a crazy language

Enlightened Perspective

Excellent Teachers

Famous Presidential Lies

Father O’Malley

F-A-M-I-L-Y and Harsh Words


First Day of Hunting Season

First the Apple

Florida Court Sets Atheist Holiday

Folding Money


Funny Bones

Funny signs

Funny Story

Girls night out

God is like

God is never wrong

God painting America

Gorgeous, delicate, and beautiful flowers

Grandpa’s secret

Griffin and James go golfing

Hand Painting

Have you read this email someone sent me

Have you seen these pictures before?

Headstone Humor

Here are five emails sent to me

Higher Math

Houlseflies – male and female

How long does a split second last

How much longer will Almighty God allow the USA

Humor pics with quotes

I Am a Little Tea Cup

I am the New Year

I have been in many places

If I had all of the beer in the world

If I were the Devil

Income tax time & questions

Incredible Photos

Inspiring quotes

Interesting History

Is GOD great or what

IRS – Sobering Thoughts

It Has Been a Busy Day

It is like being a pumpkin

Jails and Nursing Homes 


Just married

Last Week I threw out worrying

Law of the garbage truck

Lesson of Justifiable Revenge

Let me get this straight

Logos say it all – snake venom information

Lovers of Words

Ma Wrench feeding her young

Making a Mockery of Marriage

Man dies at 102; owns the same car for 83 years

Ministers trick to fill the plate

Monster deer or monster liar


Mouse calibration

My favorite animal

My New Dentist

My snowplow

Mystery at the beach

Navajo woman and wine

Noah’s Ark

Nothing is funnier than the truth

Observations on Growing Older 

Old phone on the wall

One Word Essays in pictures


Paraprosdokians are figures of speech

Perspective is something we could use right now


Pictures of an actual polar bear attack

Playing in the snow

Pro-gun Argument


Rather convincing arguments for the recognition of an Omnipotent Creator …Behold the birds…



Saint Joseph Lighthouse

SEAL TEAM Takes Over US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine

Senior tax return

Sign in a store window

Some entertaining malapropisms

Some fantastic photos A large file, it might take older computers longer to open

Some statements of Steven Wright

Someone had their camera ready at the right time

Someone had their camera ready at the right time=Set two

Someone had their camera ready at the right time=Set Three


Spelling Bee Champ

Stamp Tramps

Tapped him on the shoulder

Tests and Teasers

The Affordable Boat Act

The Art of Stacking wood

The biggest room at my place is

The Green Thing

The Pastor’s Cat

The Shredder

The truth is like a lion

This shows how stupid we have become

Thought for the day

Too Much Information

What did they say?

What is the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu?

What would you do

When I got home last night

When old trucks were wonderful works of art

Who is clean

You can find many things at Walmart

Your badge