Dear visitor to this website,

 Praise be Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph now and forever.  I hereby invite you to join the list of people who receive email from me.  Sometimes I send out the Fun & Serious emails to my list of people each week.  However, it is also true that sometimes weeks and even longer periods of time pass by between emails.  It is also true that in many cases you could later read much of that email message by going to the Fun & Serious section of this website.  Nevertheless, many times you will not find the complete original message on this website.  With the email message, I also frequently send other information that is not included when I upload it onto this website.

For your information, – those people on my email list receive a special remembrance during my daily 15-decade rosary.  On Sundays and Holy Days, I pray two additional 15-decade rosaries – commemorating in a special way those on my email list.

If you did join the email list and later decided to be removed, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.  If you do wish to join my list of email friends, then please send an email to and simply ask to be included on the email list.  May Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph grant you every grace you need to live in perfect uniformity with God’s most holy will.


In Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph

Patrick Henry