Various topics

$10,000 reward for proof that the earth orbits the sun

3 Hail Mary’s


A Hundred Proofs the Earth Is Not a Globe

A salutation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Suffering Souls

A totally different look at abortion

Abjuration – The Form of Receiving a Convert

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus = Consecration used on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and on the Feast of Christ the King – the last Sunday in October.

Act of Love to Mary

Act of Trust in God

Advent & Christmas Prayers

All for Thee, O Heart of Jesus

An old morning prayer


Are You Still A Catholic

Avoid Them

Bible tells us to be members of an INFALLIBLE Church

Bishop Pivarunas said all of the Groups, Societies, and Communities of CMRI, SSPX, FSSP, SSPV, Novus Ordo, etc. all belong to the SAME church

Blessed Virgin Mary – Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-Redemptrix, and necessary for salvation

Blessings of the Sacred Heart

Blossoms of the Cross (morning and evening prayers)

Catholic Church teaches the Earth is the Center of the Universe

Catholics and Freemasonry

Catholic Hymns: please note that you can go to the AUDIO tab on this website to hear the music for many of the hymns presented below.  After you are on the Audio books section, scroll down to: INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.  Order No. 4.  You receive 212 Catholic Hymns with Organ music.  It is up to you to match the MP3 files with the words of the hymns.

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Certificate of Baptism



Charity of Our Lady

Children verses kids

Christian one line quotes

Christmas tree and Christmas gifts

Confidence in God

Consecration of the Family

Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consecration of the Human Race to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Consecration to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, through the Blessed Virgin Mary

Could not focus on a star if the earth “spins on its axis”

Daily prayer to St. Joseph for the month of October

Daily Thoughts and Prayers for Our Beloved Dead


Doctrine of ONE religion

Dogma of the Divine Maternity of Mary

The Easter Apparitions

Easter Message

Extraordinary Form of Marriage according to Canon 1098.  This book explains how Catholics can receive the Sacrament of Matrimony when no valid and licit priest is available that has ordinary or delegated jurisdiction.

   Canon 1098 part 01 , Canon 1098 part 02 , Canon 1098 part 03 , Canon 1098 part 04 , Canon 1098 part 05 , Canon 1098 part 06 , Canon 1098 part 07 , Canon 1098 part 08 , Canon 1098 part 09 , Canon 1098 part 10 , Canon 1098 part 11

Epiphany letter of Patrick Henry on Called to the Faith


Eulogy for a Modernist

Exorcism against Satan and the Rebellious Angels

Father Louis Campbell; and Saint Jude Shrine in Stafford Texas

Father’s Retreat=1st talk

Father’s Retreat=2nd talk

Father’s Retreat=3rd talk

Father’s Retreat=4th talk

Father’s Retreat=5th talk

Final Perseverance by St. Bonaventure

For a Departed Soul

For the Penitent

Freemason and corruption

Freemasonic Coat-of-Arms=Bp. Richard Williamson

Friends of the Cross

From Novus Ordo to CMRI

Guardian Angel and Prayer for a Happy Hour of Death – Saint Charles Borromeo

God is  and Litany of Humility

God Our Father

Good Friday Meditations on the 7 Last Words of Jesus on the Cross

Hell – from the writings of  Saint Mary Claret

Holy Name of Jesus

Holy Hour – Holy Thursday – Good Friday

Homosexual Priests Must Be Deprived of Their Clerical Dignity and Put to Death – Pope St. Pius V

Hope has two beautiful daughters

How to Raise a Heathen

Hurry and Worry

Importance of Silence – Saint Alphonsus Maria (Doctor of the Church)

I had love to give

In God I will trust; I will not fear what man can do against me

Information on the Society of Saint Pius X (revised 8-29-23)

It Happened in Dublin many Years Ago

Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Jesus, Mary, Joseph – screen saver

J.M.J. doc

John Paul II and Judas

Kind words can do wonderful things

Last and First Hours of the Old and New Years

Learn Spanish while you listen to sermons in English

Learning Christ

Lenten Reflections

Let me not only be called a Christian but prove to be one

Letter of clarification

Letter of Father Demaris – THEY HAVE TAKEN AWAY MY LORD

Little faces and words of wisdom

Little Nellie of Holy God

Living with Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph

Magic Bank Account

Marian Hymns

Marks and Attributes of the Catholic Church

Masonic version of the Miraculous Medal

Matters of Faith by Father Michael Muller

Meditation on the Passion

Mental Prayer

Messages from JMJHFR (sent out years ago as email)

Method of Meditation

Mother of Jesus and our Mother

Museum of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

My Petition for Spiritual Help

Please that the two following links, from the work of Dennis D’Amico, have been corrected by a friend from what was available here previously.  Now, all of the pages are right-side-up; and The Mystic Knights of Mumbo-Jumbo have been changed from four files into only one file.

Mystic Knights of Mumbo-Jumbo [Information about CMRI] by Dennis D’Amico (aka Ely Jason)

Speech of Bp. Musey to the CMRI community April 22, 1985.  Transcribed by Dennis D’Amico


No Person Who Believes What the Bible Teaches Can Justify Being a Non-Catholic


Novena to the Holy Ghost

On the Irrevocable Sentence Pronounced by the Judge upon the Ungodly

On the Preparation We Ought to Make for Confession

Our Father who art in Heaven


Prayer and Its Necessity

Prayer of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemani & Of Judgment and the Punishment of Sins

Prayer of Petitions

Prayer, the Great Means of Grace


Raccolta Prayers

Resignation to the Will of God in Death

Rejecters of baptism of desire and of blood.

Remember Holy Mary

Rome has spoken, Intruder Priests – Pope Pius VI

Rosary pictures with meditations

Rosary prayers

Rosary video with pictures and meditations.  I suggest that you click the four arrows in the lower right corner of the video when it first loads; so that you watch it in FULL SCREEN.  If you watch the video on a cell phone, you might need to be connected to WiFi to have it run without buffering.

Sacred Scripture, Fathers of the Catholic Church, and the earth is the center of the universe

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Saint Corona – Patroness against epidemics

Saint Patrick

Santa (Satan) Claus verses Jesus Christ

Some quotes to act upon and remember

Stations of the Cross

Te Deum Laudamus


The Blessing of Thorns

The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved by Saint Leonard of Port Maurice

The Lost Sheep

The pope of the Society of Saint Pius X sect places a prayer paper at the Western Wall

The Popes and Saints on the Catholic Doctrine of No Salvation Outside the Church

The Travel Prayer

The True Church

There will always be Catholic bishops = brief summary

There Will Always be Catholic Bishops Living on Earth


Uniformity with God’s Will


Way to a Happy New Year

What do Teresa Benns and David Bawden teach

What is the Forgotten Virtue

Where is the Visibility of the Catholic Church Today

Wonders of the Holy Name