$10,000 reward for proof that the earth orbits the sun

14 miles taller, but nevertheless, it is still level

Are they members of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

Bible, Holy Mass, Pope, and dictionaries describing the earth

Bible tells us to be members of an INFALLIBLE Church

Blessed Virgin Mary – Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-Redemptrix, and necessary for salvation

Catholic Church teaches the Earth is the Center of the Universe

Combined Response to articles on the CMRI website

Do I believe that the CMRI has valid Orders?

Earth=flat oceans shown in pictures

Earth is immobile.  Is it a sphere or flat

Epiphany letter of Patrick Henry on Called to the Faith

From Novus Ordo to CMRI

Information on the Society of Saint Pius X (revised 8-29-23)

It is impossible for the sun to be 93,000,000 miles from the earth

My Petition for Spiritual Help

My Petition for Spiritual Help as MP3 files

My Petition for Spiritual Helpcommented on by Bishop Giles; and my letter to Bishop Giles

My Petition for Spiritual Help – my reply letter to Bishop Giles = as Mp3 files

Oceans are level, and planes do not fly over the horizon

Pope Leo XIII teaches infallibly that it is a matter of Catholic faith that the earth is the center of the universe

Public Land Survey System (PLSS) map of the United States

Rejecters of baptism of desire and of blood.  http://www.jmjsite.com/r/rejecters.pdf

Read the information from the above hyperlink first, and then 3 Baptisms and 3 Anathemas

Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi (RJMI) drew me (Patrick Henry) into an email “debate”.  This letter I sent him ended the “debate”

Rosary video with pictures and meditations  I suggest that you click the four arrows in the lower right corner of the video when it first loads; so that you watch it in FULL SCREEN.  If you watch the video on a cell phone, you might need to be connected to WiFi to have it run without buffering.

Sacred Scripture, Fathers of the Church, and the earth is the center of the universe

Serious Reflections Well Worth Considering

Serious Reflections Well Worth Considering #2

SSPX is famous for its recognize and resist position

The True Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

The Southern Cross proves we do not live on a sphere

There will always be Catholic bishops = brief summary

There Will Always be Catholic Bishops Living on Earth (a longer article) Please Note that on May 28, 2022, I made a CORRECTION NOTIFICATION of an error in this article – at the end of the article.

Triangles prove the earth is not a sphere

Where is the Visibility of the Catholic Church Today


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