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Special Feasts:

           Immaculate Conception - December 8

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

ImmaculateConception3=Redeeming in Old Age of Lost Time = Father Hunolt

Nativity of Jesus Christ - December 25

On Honoring God by Conformity with His Will = Vol. 3

St. Stephen, the First Martyr - December 26

On the Justice of Conforming Our Will to the Will of God

New Year’s Eve

Sermon of Saint John Mary Vianney - Printed sermon for New Year’s Eve

Circumcision of Jesus & New Year

On the New and the Old Year, for Sinners and the Just Yeti -3

On the Value of Time

On the Divine Decree, Which has Appointed a State and Condition of Life for each One

On the Consideration of Eternity

The Transitory and the Eternal – Sermon of St. John Mary Vianney for New Year’s.

The Epiphany - January 6

False and True Happiness of Christians Yeti -1

Refusing to Acknowledge Divine Inspirations Yeti -2

Advantage of Conformity with the Will of God Yeti -4

On the Consolation the Pious have because they are on the Right Way to Heaven Yeti -5

Please go to this link for a number of other sermons and audio files and other information for the Epiphany Season.

Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary - February 2

The Anger of God against the Vice of Impurity

The Happiness of him who is Content with the Will of God

Contentment with the Divine Will

On the Comfort of a Good Conscience in Death

Saints Peter & Paul - June 29

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

           St. Lawrence - August 10

Feast of Saint Lawrence

           Assumption of Mary - August 15


The Assumption of Mary = Sermon by St. John Mary Vianney

Assumption of Mary – Pleasures of Sense in Heaven = Fr. Hunolt

Y-Assumption=Mary is the Refuge of Sinners Who Wish to do Penance

St. Bartholomew August 24 (two sermons)

Those Who Do Not Practice What They Hear in Sermons

Accompanying the Blessed Sacrament When It Is Carried to the Sick

St. Matthew – September 21

How Deserving of Help the Poor Are

St. Michael and the Holy Guardian Angels - September 29 & October 2nd

Ingratitude towards the Holy Guardian Angels = Volume 1

Repentance on Account of the Justice of God = Volume 2

Gratitude towards Our Holy Guardian Angels = Volume 3

Dignity and Obligations of Men Who Have Angels as their Guardians = Volume 4

The Devil is not to be Feared = Volume 5

Saints Simon and Jude - October 28

Unlawful Fashions and Customs = Vol. 1

Repentance for Sin because it Offends God = Vol. 2


All Saints - November 1


On the Second Advantage of Adversity = Volume 3 = b3s-AllSaints

The Just Claims That the Poor Souls in Purgatory Have on Our Help = Volume 4 = b4s-AllSaints

On the Eternity of the Joys of Heaven = Volume 5