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5th Sunday after Easter

Father Leonard Goffine & The Church’s Year

Sermon of Saint John Mary Vianney = Audio MP3 file


Five short sermons by Father Francis Hunolt

V1=5th after Easter = False and useless prayer

V2=5th after Easter = Prayer for Perseverance in Good.doc

V3=5th after Easter = The Object of Prayer

V4=5th after Easter = Prayer of Married people in their troubles

V5=5th after Easter = God’s Earnest Wish to Save the Souls of All Men

Unabridged sermons by Rev. Father Francis Hunolt.  Find the details on Catholic books and thousands of religious articles.  The Mother of Our Savior Company / Refuge of Sinners Publishing are in the process of re-printing these unabridged sermons.

V2=Prayer for Perseverance in Good

Saint Thomas explains the Gospel