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3rd Sunday after Easter

Father Leonard Goffine & The Church’s Year

Abridged Sermons for all Sundays of the Year by Saint Alphonsus Maria De Liguori, Doctor of the Church.  Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm.  Copyright 1890, by Elias Frederick Schauer.

The Value of Time

Five short sermons by Father Francis Hunolt

V1=3rd after Easter = The Shamelessness of Those Who Boast of their Sins

V2=3rd after Easter = Evil Thoughts

V3=3rd after Easter = Consolation in Adversity

V4=3rd after Easter = The Unnecessary Troubles of Married People

V5=3rd after Easter = The Justice and Short Duration of the Trials of the Just

Unabridged sermons by Rev. Father Francis Hunolt.

V3=Short Duration of Trials of the Just, and the Prosperity of the Wicked b5r3

Saint Thomas explains the Gospel